It’s Friday! And I have a busy weekend. Do you?

If you do, awesome. If you don’t, awesome. Regardless, let this be your link to it.

To confront age, thoughts on race, and ideas of beauty, a photographer had white Baby Boomer women get traditional black hairstyles. There are three types of porn watchers in the world but only one is particularly healthy (and lots are women). While this is technically a spoiler, if you have seen Get Out, you’ll love the sequel in the White House. Everyone with a creative or artistic cell in their body will love this little comic summation of creativity. Drag Race queen Max is back with an action packed web series that looks like fun. Speaking of RuPaul, he was on Good Morning America and provided a bit of hope in these dark times. A homeless dog travelled hundreds of miles with a racing team and all he got was a home out of it. If you want to see a good movie, don’t do it at the theatre with a fucking jungle gym. Carol without women is a hysterically boring man movie. We all need sweet treats in times like now and we might want to look internationally for that fix. You know, honestly, I never hated The Pioneer Woman but now I have a big reason to. For all you Overwatch nerds, some news for you: turns out Symmetra just got a whole lot deeper with her backstory. Um, like, our saying those things are okay.

Sweet. Thanks!

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