My last name is Fitzpatrick and it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Should this mean something more to me? No. I really don’t care.

But! People will drink. And it’s Friday so that means it will probably be more insane than usual.

Very Smart Brothas has been killing it for a while and this post on white people shit that black people love is a masterpiece. Jonathan Adler hates taxidermy but has some strange views on heterosexual decorating. What do interracial couples think of Get Out? It was a complicated affair. You have to look at this photo Kellyanne Conway has in her house. I wish my Alexa was a skull monster. Designer cats are cute but take decades of work to create. The little girl behind the now infamous BBC blooper is just the most adorable thing ever. Feminist underwear brand Thinx sounds great in theory but, like many young, forward thinking companies, the happenings behind-the-scenes are antithetical. If you’re curious about how to drink wine, New York Times has a great guide for you. A surprising side effect of the new Legend Of Zelda game: everyone wants to fuck Link. Veterinarian suicide is a problem lots of people don’t know about that might be based in their constantly euthanizing animals. In a surprising twist, trash food creator McDonald’s (or their social team) took a hilarious stand against the president. The new Drag Race celebrity guest sound great but, most of all, Valerie Fucking Cherish!! In case you’ve been wondering how to suck your own dick, Vice has you covered.

That is your weekend link, you green beer drinking people.

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