Hiiiii!!! Programming note: I’m going out of town for work and play for two weeks which means posting is going to be somewhat nil. There will still be Drag Race recaps and maybe some other things but, you know, apologies for the upcoming lack of content.

I hope this holds you over. Let this be your two week long weekend link.

Where violence against women meets sexism, you end up with advertising like this. If you have trouble waking up, you might want to consider this intense, ridiculous alarm clock app. Drag Race fans and queens are questioning if Wendy Williams should be hosting VH1’s watch parties because she’s been pretty transphobic. The LVMH Prize finalists are out and they seem pretty cool. This Mexican penis seat is a great way to raise awareness about sexual harassment. Spiders are scary and could actually gang up to kill all humans. If there ever was a dramatic queer tech obsessed child that was’t me, then I don’t know who is. Naked oil wrestling at Burning Man sounds dangerous but also is kind of sexy. There are a lot of weird Oreo flavors now and this ranking of them sums up why you should stay away. The best messaging apps are the ones you don’t even think about. George W. Bush is still and asshole but at least he understands what’s going on. China’s hottest new boy band is actually a group of androgynous girls. Shirley Maclaine’s designer for the Oscars this year is, frankly, iconic.

Great! I’m going to miss my dogs when I’m out of town. Anyone have any solutions for trying not to be dog homesick? I don’t ever miss my home but I will miss my dogs.

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