I’m in Paris and about to spend time away from my computer and imagining that I am French. Don’t come looking for me, fam.

And let this be your weekend link. Or maybe week long link? We’ll see if I post anything this upcoming week.

Jenna Lyons is leaving J.Crew and we should reflect on her influence on style. The original ending to the movie Alien was a lot more fucked up. Do we think the new Star Wars captain’s name means she’s transgender or gender neutral? Of course Melania Trump’s portrait is just as laughable as her husband’s presidency. Ivanka Trump is getting tons of shit from people, rightfully so, and even her neighbors agreeThey’re just like us! The news is being killed by Trump while satirists are succeeding. Here’s why. Fucking Jared Kushner is in the Middle East trying to “beat ISIS” and he looks like a fucking jackass. Donald Trump is a disaster because he watches alarmist media. But you know who else does that? All of our parents and most retirees. If you want to know what’s good at Milan Design Week—Where I just was!—Bobby has a pretty great guide (and here’s mine).

Oh, right: I will post the RuPaul recap. See you Monday!

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