I’m currently in the sky right now, above Greenland, making my way back to America.

A bummer that I can’t stay in Europe forever. Oh well. In time! Here are some linked odds and ends of the past week that I enjoyed. Enjoy them yourself!

For white artists and makers hoping to discuss race, you need to turn inward and take active steps toward understanding before creating. If you’ve been considering buying a pocket pussy, don’t: they make really terrible coin purses. Change starts small which is why you should try this Dave Chapelle approved method of inspiring change from within little city. New Yorkers know that eating a messy, smelly, ugly meal on the subway is common but it really should stop. I’m very, very, very curious and excited to hear the music of the 82 year old Japanese techno grandma. Milan Design Week was fabulous and notable for a few trends. I do not like Snapchat at all so it is both heartwarming (yet disgusting) (but inevitable) that Facebook is smothering them. Easter is Sunday and you need to know: shit like Peeps™ Oreos™ are truly terrible.

Thus concludes your weekend link. Back to that dang old grind on Monday, fam.

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