What are you doing this weekend? I’m entertaining family but you should probably participate in the march for science.

Won’t be able to do that? Well, you can do some reading.

The Boston Marathon was earlier this week and the controversial first woman to run it ran the race again. Facebook Live is not having a great week and this sad car kissing isn’t helping. Proenza Schouler’s latest lookbook includes a handful of transgender models. This video of a woman giving a pigeon CPR is as WTF as it is LOL. Susan Boyle has been out of the public eye for some time and it is a more complicated story than you think. Rachel Dolezal is a lunatic and this story really is the last thing you should read on her. The recent successes of Jon Ossoff are going to cause a huge runoff in other cities and this election might be the next one to watch. If you’re curious about anal sex, this quiz is somewhat fascinating. Unicorn food is silly and in vogue but it’s all kind of a lot. Transgender awareness is great but one thing that it does point out: culture’s willingness to diagnose queerness when it may just be a tomboy.

That was your weekend link. Bye!

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