What a great week. Here’s to a great weekend with these links!

• I wanted to read this but I didn’t: a story about some drag character persona of a game developer.
• I don’t know what this is but I love everything about it.
• I contest this list: I use dingus all the time!
• Do you want to be more of a morning person? I do. Maybe this can help us?
Kind of cool but also like why are all of you naked and so fit? Fucking gay men.
• Dang, Janey Mock is just the best.
• Interesting question: could Snapchat help define 2016 election coverage?
• An electronic toilet sounds quite nice and maybe I will buy one.
An absolutely fascinating account of the art world now, through the lens of music.
• Related and equally—if not more—relevant: the first and second part of this review of the new Whitney is very essential reading. It’s like the State Of The Union for the art world.
This forthcoming queer app seems super interesting.
• Interesting question: could marriage equality eliminate recognition of bisexuals?
• This Christopher Walken video game opening is spectacular.
• Here is the fascinating story of why manicurists are mostly Vietnamese.
• LOL.
Listen to this and get scared!
• Thank you.
• Pigeons are fascinating!

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