What a terrible day yesterday was. It was such a good week and then…all that happened.

We will overcome, right? Right. Let this weekend reading cheer you up.

Do we think Channing Tatum is boring now? Mostly but his giving other celebs stripper names is fun. These pickles are not where they should be and it’s funny and uncomfortable. An old couple stuck on an escalator going the wrong way is a great metaphor for existence. The most popular supermarket in America is one that Southern people know well. These watercolor paintings of Met Gala dresses are very pretty. JK Rowling apologized this week for killing Snape but some fans want her to apologize for something more serious. This girl scout staring down a Nazi is the hope we all need for the future. Ellsworth Kelly is one of my favorite artists and died a few years ago. Unsurprisingly, even his final works distilled his brilliance. The Simpsons does some great political commentary which is why it’s surprising more people weren’t talking about their critique of Trump’s first one hundred days. Los Angeles is full of these purple trees called jacarandas and their history is as beautiful as they are.

And that is your weekend link. Resist!

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