My birthday week is ending but it’s been a good week save for the national political landscape potentially exploding but, hey, I’m alive!

And so are you, I assume. Here’s your weekend link.

Art can be strange especially if it is just some literal fruit. FaceApp is fun but understanding why it succeeds (and fails) makes it more fascinating. Kamala Harris is a future loving X-Men fan and I love her more for that. Tiffany’s attempted to get political this week but instead might have pulled a Pepsi. Bow Wow is a rapper who grew up in hip hop and apparently claims to be high rolling but, sadly for him, people are catching his faux-rich stunts. Miley Cyrus is back and going “back to her roots” which actually is an illustration of how artists like her use black culture to advance. Tom Servo and Crow are back in a big way but, beyond new MST3K, they’re pitching new television shows.

We did it!

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