Three day weekend, baby. Hell yeah.

Read these things while you’re doing nothing in the sun.

It had long been toyed with that Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna would be in a buddy comedy and it’s actually happening. Trump is extending his idiocy abroad right now and signed the Holocaust Museum’s Book Of Remembrance like a god damned yearbook. It didn’t end there either: the stupid also said he had just left the Middle East while speaking in Israel, a Middle Eastern country. In news of comeuppance, this dumb person got hers (and a slap). LA people know urban coyotes well and LA dog owners are quite stressed by them but there are some tips to manage them. Jessica Simpson is back and that bag of hot air is still a bag of hot air. Day drinking can be fun but it’s also very confusing, scientifically. Because you were wondering, Flaming Hot Cheetos were invented by a janitor. Mariah Carey is obviously a little difficult to work with and also wants her characters to deflect bullets. This photo of a beaver is great because it took four years to capture. Lastly, in these strange days, we’re all this little girl needing answers who voted for the pizza.

That was your weekend link. Seeya! I might post on Monday!

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