Gotta get down on Friday, right? Seriously.

Hopefully you all are preparing for this weekend’s resist marches but, if not, maybe read these things.

The BBQ Dad phenomena is kind of funny but is even more fascinating by the hot BBQ Son. The tilde is having a moment mostly because it is denoting sarcasm visually. A New Jersey family won the lottery and, instead of going into a lush spending spree, they’re investing the money in their community. If you’re hoping for a spot of slimness this Summer like I am, here are some smart ways to lose love handles. Everyone has texted me this but, in case you haven’t seen this, enjoy a gay rap about La Croix. Some movie posters are bad—but can you think of anything worse than these two? Stella McCartney is taking clothing and plastic waste into her own hands by making plastic clothing. I usually am bored by these things but there’s just something so funny about a child screaming “We bought a zoo!!” that makes this great. Sadly, it’s actually pretty easy to get people to like bad wine. If you ever wanted to see me and Bobby looking at cheese next to Graham Elliot, might I suggest you watch this Bravo show. You’ve probably heard of different types of downstairs parts ending in -ussy accompanied by a video and now you can make one yourself. Handmaid’s Tale is on fire and this high fashion intersection of the subject reinforces that. And, finally, some positive content: enjoy these touching photos of blind high schoolers attending prom.

That was your weekend link. Bye!

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