The week has been great and not-as-great but, hey, it’s the week’s end.

Or weekend? You know what I mean.

New York City’s Shakespeare In The Park is doing Julius Ceasar as Trump commentary and it ain’t going well (but is fascinating). This Binky app seems useless but might be onto something. The Wolfenstein game looks fun mostly because it’s making nazis insane. Cats using the toilet are fascinating and a video on teaching your cat how to toilet potty is equally as fascinating. No one watches commercials anymore which is why it’s funny that they have gotten so bad. Speaking of ads, Twitter made a huge goof this week in promoting death. For those who enjoy being grossed out, enjoy this story about a man who was constipated since birth and had 28 pounds of shit removed from him. The fidget spinner has reached it’s logical conclusion by crossing over into porn. Small glasses are apparently in again and they are the past, present, and future. Diane Keaton is great but—You know what?—she is also us.

That was your weekend link.

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