It’s Friday and my body is sore from biking too much this week.

This is your weekend link, things to hold you over and through the weekend.

Your Amazon Alexa is already outdated because the latest update is pretty fucking crazy. The new Cars movie is out and we all need to know: was there a Car Holocaust and a Car 9/11? In any event, one thing is confirmed: there is a gay car. A bug getting stuck in your computer monitor is annoying but poses existentialist questions. America is becoming a bullshit bitch and makes me wonder if I want to celebrate July 4. Pride events are great but it’s also great to call out tricky corporate sponsors. The White House is trash and proof of that is in their potential recording of a show that is never not on television. The feud between Josh Peck and Drake Bell is just so great and hopefully it never ends. Celebrities steal the work of niche designers’ all the time which is why it is important to protect your work. Rihanna is an icon and, also, great with dating advice. Alaska Thunderfuck has some thoughts for the next Drag Race winner: winning and losing aren’t that different. Also, Shea CouleĆ©’s new visual album is really fucking good. Speaking of, while I have a ton of notes on this season of Drag Race, I do enjoy Ru’s notes on how the show might change you as a contestant. And, finally, Donald Trump sucks but he has given us one great thing: the permission for Al Sharpton to selfie like no one’s watching.

Good? Great!

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