Are you taking a long weekend? What are we supposed to do with our bizarro Tuesday holiday?

I don’t know but read these things.

These are strange times and, because it is a mirror, theatre is getting stranger too. Someone has said what we all were thinking: rosé is a wine, not a culture. Like them, this video is a little old but beauty tips from women in their hundreds is just fabulous. A documentary is being made about queer Japan that looks pretty cool and is worth donating to. Because categorization is a new cool (Or something.) meet your latest generation to hate: the Xennials. If you love drinking Starbucks, you might also love drinking poop. Mermaids might be trending but, sheesh, it’s hard work. Finally, think about America’s future getting better by way of this amazing little boy.

Maybe I’ll write next week? Maybe I won’t? We’ll see. Enjoy!

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