Fuck, another annoying Friday? What is life, my dudes?

Anyway, let’s get into the weekend, shall we?

Capybaras are sweet creatures, whose purity might be too much for us. Summer is for doing fun things but, theory, outdoor movies suck. I want to see the movie Girl’s Trip because it looks hilarious but also because Tiffany Haddish is a gem. I’m always looking for new fried chicken recipes and this one looks promising. Are twinks taking over Hollywood? Some seem to think so.. If you need cherring up, Celine Dion is your cure. While this is a truly absurd story, I do always love reading about so-called gay and bisexual American presidents. The Outline has been killing it with their content recently and this Buzzfeed skewering post is no exception.

That was your link. Now…chill out, world!

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