Like, OK, so this is the final weekend in July. Where the hell did our Summer go?

I have no idea but maybe it’s hidden somewhere in your weekend link.

Gucci has been killing it lately and their Star Trek inspired ad campaign is more of the same. A drag queen who voted for Donald Trump is getting a lot of flack and lost work because…she voted for Trump. Are you excited for The Emoji Movie? I hope not – especially given how fucking stupid their PR team is. If you know any fiftysomethings, do your best not to let them see this man. If you need some cutesy fun, you should probably give the new Charli XCX video a whirl. The Pitchfork rating scale is so funny only made funnier by the ever adorable Kilo Kish applying it to literally anything. The scientifically funniest words are really funny but, damn, their opposites are super serious.

Did you find it? I didn’t. I need a vacation although I don’t feel like I “deserve” it.

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