This week has been a week. Thank fucking god it’s over.

Here’s your weekend link.

A fascinating, important read I came across this week is one that posited that black Americans should change their names as a means to separate themselves from slave owners. Maxine Waters has been quite an icon in the resistance and her “reclaiming my time” breakout this week was another example of this. Racists all over the world are idiots and their confusing empty bus seats for women in burkas is a prime example. If you’re looking for music, head over to Bandcamp today because all purchases benefit the Transgender Law Center. Fashion and technology are an awkward fit but these jewelry “bugs” are pretty cool. Stock images are ridiculous but the stories behind some dark ones are actually quite tame. Solange is a gem and her performing with Incubus might sound weird but is also a little cute. Depressive and suicidal memes are discerning but might be important for mental health. Fortune cookies are fun but, really, the science and math behind them is quite fascinating.

I’m sleepy.

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