I’ve been out of town this week. Hence, the lack of updates.

But here’s a bunch of stuff that I looked at or tried to look at.

Insecure has been even more rich and awkward this season and Lawrence’s skipping Tasha’s cookout is a prime example. What do you get when you cross millennials with Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, and airlines? This quiz. Bart Simpson is cool man but this tattoo flipbook of him is even cooler. You should be recycling but you should also know what you can recycle. I often wonder what life would be like had I chosen a different profession but I’ve never considered what my “opposite job” would be. Gamers benefit greatly from playing games but looks like certain shooter players might have harmed brains. Plastic surgery technologies are getting wild and now you can even see how you look before any surgery. Lastly, I went to a hipster church and – Fuck. – it was decidedly uncool.

That was your weekend link. Bye!

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