Fuck this week, amirite? I’m over it.

So let’s get into our weekend link, OK?

First, sign this petition to urge Square space to drop white supremacists and sign this petition urging credit card companies to drop white supremacists and sign this petition to tell Donald Trump he is responsible for the rise in hate. Anyway. Mike Pence is inhuman Christian garbage and the fake Mike Pence website is trolling him via his diet. These are some uniquely shitty times in all regards and it’s refreshing to see someone like Kara Walker somewhat lose her shit when speaking about upcoming work. Steve Bannon is evil and ugly and dermatologists agree: something is up with him. A game where you pet dogs at parties? Tell me more! At a time when America sucks, a bunch of bald eagles taking over a town feels quite fitting. Being a ninja is hard but being a kid ninja avoiding a Nest is even harder. For those searching for good news, take to heart that this old lady found a lost ring around a carrot.

I’m done. You’re done. This week is done. Bye.

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