What a fucking week.

I started school, I’m housesitting for my aunt, it’s a three day weekend: oy. I’m tired! But, hey, Friday feeling, fam.

School is back and hopefully more teachers are turning to appropriating songs to teach. Melania Trump’s heels in Texas might have been blown up but they represent how out of touch one can be. If you’re in the mood for a little tear to form in your eye, this dog reuniting story will easily do that. Hippos are big and scary but they are also wildebeest saviors. Taylor Swift might not admit she voted for Trump but her comeback is truly Trumpian. While I loved Glow, I do agree that this Summer kind of really almost did not probably have a break out TV hit. Lastly, the legacy of Philando Castile – who was brutally, disgustingly murdered by a police officer – will live on in a new, very sweet way: by way of a lunch program to help kids he once helped get lunch.

That was your weekend link. Don’t labor this weekend – and enjoy the final days of Summer!

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