It’s a three day weekend for those who think Columbus Day is a thing.

For us normals, it isn’t.

Pour one out: that Google trick of looking up an article to bypass a paywall will soon be no more. What happens after you go viral? Just ask this person behind Wendy’s Twitter. If you need a reminder of how ridiculous straight people are in viewing queer people, look no further than these dumbasses. Take it from Vivienne Westwood: save the world via your (admittedly extreme) skincare hack. There’s something about white teen boys on the Internet named Daniel. I’m not sure what to make of all the recent art censorings but I do think the Lourve pulling this sex sculpture is pretty dumb. Plane travel is necessary but also very bad and is going to get worse thanks to climate change. An important PSA before you post take an Insta poll: they aren’t anonymous.

That was your weekend link.

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