This is the last weekend before Halloween.

I guess that means some of you all will be dressing up in costumes.

The history of stop signs isn’t as straightforward – or as red – as you’d think. The Obamas have picked two artists, including Kehinde Wiley, to paint their portraits and this is a huge deal. A friend sent me a story about why gay men love Prince George and it is a reminder that, yes, he is a gay icon. This week in fairly pure memes, meet fake Melania. A brief DOG NEWS bite: Lulu was training to be a bomb sniffing dog but simply didn’t want to be a narc. Fans of Garfield have questions about if Jim drank semen in a 1999 comic and Jim Davis has spoken: he did not. Finally, as you prepare for Halloween, know what your off brand costume name is.

I’m going to be dressing up as someone who doesn’t need his wisdom teeth taken out. That was your weekend link.

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