Wisdom teeth, now family affairs: this week has been wild.

And we got lots of stuff to read as a result.

If you’ve fed a fish, you probably know the best way to feed them isn’t to dump a box of food on them (unless, that is, someone else did it first). Twitter has been on many a shit list for ding the wrong thing and, surprisingly, they are now on the queer shit list. Unless you are a doctor, you have probably been washing your hands all wrong (and even they get it wrong). As the headline suggests, “Why buy an iPhone X When You Can Pay Tiffany & Co For A Tin Can?” All these sexual harassment issues are raising huge questions about how men are just bad – and maybe something like The Decency Institute would help. Sonequa Martin-Green is amazing on Star Trek and her schooling Piers Morgan fucking rules. Getting added onto a chain without wanting to be on a chain is always bad but trolling the chain for their error is next level. These are angry times and, for women, their anger is most definitely very valid.

That was your weekend link.

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