This is the week before Thanksgiving.

I’m not sure I’ll be posting any next week but we shall see.

The woman who gave Trump the middle finger might have lost her job but she got a lot of opportunities. In a battle, who would win: weird foxes or coconut crabs? I know we all know this but Donald Trump is a total fucking dick but, if you need more proof, he once poured red wine down a reporter’s back. It’s very early for us to start thinking about end-of-life stuff but you may want to consider planning your digital legacy. In these tough times, actors are getting pummeled for being bad people: take a moment to admire those who are uglying themselves up. In case you were wondering, a decapitated male praying mantis can still fuck. Finally, if you see a dick in the sky then it’s probably a mistake from the navy.

Regardless, that was your weekend link. Happy almost Honda Days!

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