Oh dear: I forgot to give you a weekend link this week.

But I cobbled this together for you because it is the first day of Honda Days.

Sodastream, the for-your-home soda maker, apparently is trying to recreating sparkling wine but it sounds pretty gross. I know people will poo poo this but a short story published on Vice is going to become a movie and, to me, it represents life for writers. Anyone interested in this Captain Phasma Nissan Maxima should delete themselves. I’ve been doing a lot of research about queer eating and found a very interesting story about how gender stereotypes influence eating. The Twitter employee who deleted Trump’s Twitter is an icon but also: he’s a hunk. Meghan McCain is a former colleague and current friend but I must say: pies might be a problem. Bioethics is not my strongsuit but a tattoo that raises questions of end-of-life practices is my jam. I love Meghan Markle and I’m so fucking pissed that British racists are being so terrible to her and Harry.

I love you. That was your weekend link.

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