It’s the last week in May—and May has been a great month. Enjoy these things over your great weekend. Great!

LOL, please don’t change dat ass boi.
• And the next LOL: Edward Snowden, model.
• Yes, why the hell is this necessary?
Fucking duh.
• Oh, huh: refrigerators used to kill children.
• Hot or not: Little Hercules all grown up.
• This is an interesting new gay magazine.
These terrible products are really great.
• If you are looking to get a dog, here is some great advice on how to be a good owner.
• To bypass not being able to get married, this gay couple had to adopt each other in order to get benefits of a married couple.
• These photos of drag queens from nineties New York City are great.
• Do you know what the woman who made Barbie’s house looked like? This. It was this beautiful creation.
• Thank you for this, whoever you are who made this.
• This yoga babe is great.

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