There is a very small chance that this may be my last post for nearly a month.

A month! I’m sorry. Next week I’d like to take off, the following week may be crazy, and the week after that I will be out of the country. Amidst all of this, I have grad school work I have to get a jump on, undistracted by work or “not work” (a la, this site).

So. We shall see if anything gets posted. We shall see. Here is your weekend – and potentially your holiday, your year – link.

I literally don’t care about the Oscars but this conversation between the youngest and oldest hopefuls is quite sweet. There’s a lot to be mad at regarding the current White House but the President’s son – and his inability to discern cake – is one of the worst parts. I have no reason to go to Mississippi but their new Civil Rights Museum makes a strong case for a visit. Apparently some food people are reducing “soy sauce” to just “soy” which is, as some food writers point out, really dumb and wrong. LGBT history is something that’s both here and gone and one of those items includes a video game prototype from the 1980s. I love penises and penis stories and this news about a penis pump made me want to get one. Finally, we continued to be morons in 2017 by not changing our passwords.

I love you all and Happy Honda Days, which will continue through the grand finale on Christmas Day. I wouldn’t let you down in that consumerist vomit of a department.

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