First week back, almost: how was it for you?

Technically, it was a short week, but no “vacations” for a while. Throw them Christmas trees out: the joyfulness is over!

The insect world is wild and, for proof of this, look at this caterpillar wearing a hat of its own heads. Mike Pence is certifiable garbage and, appropriately, he got subtweeted by in person by a black pastor on Martin Luther King Jr. Day regarding the whole “shithole” debacle. Stop bringing your phone with you to the bathroom to encourage mindfulness. Some great news for people trying to save the planet: Zara, Asos, and Target among other retailers are committing to becoming more sustainable in their business. The Google Arts thing is cool but, as expected, it’s quite racist. Mistaken missile crises are terrible not only for our mental health and political stability but also our self-pleasure.

That was your weekend link. Enjoy two days off! And go to the Women’s March tomorrow, if you can!

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