This week was tiring, no? I’m tired.

I think I was in bed by 10:30P every night. Granted, I was up at 6A-ish every day so I guess that makes sense. Anyway, here’s to sleeping in (although I won’t be).

“Bathleisure” might not be a thing but, damn, does it kind of seem relaxing. You may think a rat taking a shower sounds cute but it’s actually quite problematic. If you have been buying into whatever “healthy” pet fad, I’m here to echo something I’ve heard several times: all natural pet care is a scam. In boob news, Madonna uploaded a selfie with her bitties out but my question is why she did it looking like Miley Cyrus. This week started with lots of Grammy talk which, really, is a really dumb shithole. Traveling with your emotional support peacock? Maybe rethink your flight path. Bobby and I met on OKCupid and, while they have been under the radar recently, their new Toiletpaper directed ad campaign is filling me with glee. For people abroad, American food can be summed up as one thing: capitalist. Donald Trump Jr. is a true, true moron but does he really use the word dank in casual speaking? Moms need to know what you are up to so, if you are on a reality show, let her know so she doesn’t report you as a missing person. Finally, happy Black History Month! Celebrate by checking out these rad stories about cool black women.

That was your weekend link.

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