Wow, next week is Valentine’s Day. Do you know what you’re getting your lover?

I sure don’t. Perhaps we shall find them something over the weekend?

Cardi B is a gem and, for all the haters out there, let her fat in peace. Speaking of Cardi, she already has her own economy and has lifted a nail artist in NYC. Have you heard of “death cleaning”? Well, it’s a hot new decluttering trend. I was never a big Frasier fan but the passing of John Mahoney was pertinent because of his queer connections. Apparently Trump’s hair illusion blew over exposing what’s inside. Lastly, my friend Ashlee was running for office in California and was the first trans person to do so in the state but, sadly, had to drop her campaign. Maybe help her by donating a little something for next time?

We shall see. That was your weekend link. Enjoy it!

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