It was a short week but, boy, did it feel long.

Ready for the freakin weekend, baby.

I don’t know what you feed your dog but, if it’s Kibbles ‘N Bits, then your dog may be eating euthanasia drugs. Black Panther has been major for many reasons but also because it got people registered to vote. To celebrate averageness, enjoy the most normal Olympic athlete. You have seen this, I hope, but please watch Fergie’s terrible National Anthem. Donkey Kong, as both a character and franchise, doesn’t seem that complicated until you investigate the history. The entire crisis actor situation is insane and a reminder that America’s mental capacity has crumbled. Avocados are good but using them in your proposal is fucking ridiculous. Solange is maybe the coolest woman on the planet and she spoke with artist Toyin Ojih Odutola about sound and architecture. At a time when the country is literally shooting itself up, one game can help us solve our problems: thoughts and prayers. Chase that with comics that are responding to America’s gun crisis.

That was your link. Bye!

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