It’s the first week of June and that means Summer is coming and that will be great. Great!

• A fascinating read about biracial acceptance in Japan, as seen through their new biracial Miss Japan.
• Let this quickly explain to you what the Fifa scandal is all about.
Fucking stupid ass Instagram banning artwork for having nudity or whatever—and then realizing they are stupid and giving people they accounts back. Idiots.
• This Amazon documentary series on trans people sounds great.
• This is just brilliant and you need to take ten minutes to “play” it.
• Has anyone tried this? Is it any good? I’m intrigued but am typically annoyed by The Fat Jew.
Someone actually invented that face-in-the-hole photo opp thing.
• “Do you think Obama has lived up to your “Hope” poster?” “Not even close.”: S H E P A R D S H A D E Y I N T H E H O U S E .
• YES.
• Don’t forget: Gaga can sing.
Animals and mirrors: y’all crazy.
• This is great news, Iggy.
• Bravo, Cindy Sherman. Well said!
• Yes, please, Four Tet teaming up with Omar Souleyman.
• Excellent point, Janet Mock and Laverne Cox.
• I know this—but did you know this? Dogs are just so dang smart.
• I usually don’t agree with this shit but, yes, very dilf.
• Everyone should look like the Golden Ratio.

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