I’ve been tired this week. Why? I have no idea.

I do know that next week is my spring break for school and I’m debating going radio silent here.

An interesting question, based in smart speakers: how will they change health care? Nature scientists have discovered the fascinating benefits of yard space: reducing carbon. Hangovers are bad but, in some senses, hangovers are good for what they reveal. SSION is back and better than ever, which we have evidence of by seeing him in Liza drag. My head is exploding from this story about a Chinese couple who were in the background of each other’s photos as teens. I am not into skiing, nor will I ever be, because I value my life too much and this ski lift gone possessed only validates my concern. People have been talking about “space genes” this week but I’m telling you: it’s just stress.

We shall see if that happens. That was your weekend link as well.

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