Wow, it’s spring break for some people.

Like myself.

What music is RuPaul listening to at the moment? Pitchfork asked and it’s exactly the kind of stuff you’d assume he was listening to. There’s something about these colorized versions of historical photos that make one feel all warm inside. In case you were wondering what’s going on in the world of bunny books, the battle between John Oliver and Mike Pence is actually super interesting. Lena Waithe is on the cover of Vanity Fair and this is a major moment for black lesbians. I’ve been thinking about getting a robot vacuum to help with pet hair but not sure that they’re actually worth it. Apparently it is #NationalPuppyDay and I am here to tell you that your dog may chose a stranger over you.

I got a lot done! Kind of! That was your weekend link.

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