I have been so, so, so slacking with posts lately. My apologies.

I’ve had family in town and school is ending and blah, blah, blah, excuse, excuse, excuse: apologies.

But! I do have a weekend link for you all.

Artificial intelligence is going to change the world but they may not understand nudes. I have a long list of books I want (and need) to read but a scientific book on farting is stealing my attention. The squat-and-squint woman is storming the meme world and she is loving every second of it. Gay politicians have a tricky world to navigate but this one West Hollywood candidate made things harder by leaking his nudes. Pet owners know that their animals get distemper shots and, in case you were wondering, the disease kind of turns animals into zombies. Fleetwood Mac is great and a college dance troupe has made the band dance friendly. The American Chopper meme is just so good. New Yorker cartoons are a complicated, funny art form that are apparently mastered by children. Gordon Ramsey is a necessary evil but these fails are not. Gay rights is more than just equal opportunities but also hashtags going viral about eating ass. Rachel Dolezal is trash but she is very funny trash and her doing black women’s hair is extremely funny trash. Jake and Heath weren’t the original actors considered for Brokeback Mountain: the original, supposed cast was not as hot and a lot more conservative. That new Paul Rudd movie looks really bad and not good for gays but, wow, does he look good.

And that is it. Now I take a nap until Monday.

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