Sliding into the weekend like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Jaywalking is such a problem in China that cities are installing barriers that spray people with water. That photo of all but Donald Trump at the Barbara Bush’s funeral is remarkable because it resonates the peace of his absence. Alcohol is constantly contested and, while fun and maybe “good,” it really is bad for you. Sports suck, suck, suck while football is the worst, worst, worst and this story on NFL people figuring out how to handle public criticism reveals how dumb, dumb, dumb they are. In case you’re looking for hyper-specific condoms, look no further than this primer. The discussion of “incels” have become huge this past week and understanding what it all means will open your eyes to a bizaare world. The water crisis in Flint is still going on and artists are taking matters into their own hands. Soulja Boy has been promoting dragon penis dildos for some time and you’ll never guess why. Lastly, with Janelle Monae’s coming out, she also revealed that she may be in the cutest coupling ever.


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