What a week! I’m done with school! Who am I now?

I have no idea. Now I can read all the things I’ve wanted to read!

A public service announcement: you can turn off those “Review our app!” stupid notifications on your iPhone. As if you needed another reason to LOL at alt-right goons, watch one get owned by a queer pro-immigrant sign. Some may wonder how frogs survive in the winter and the answer is clear yellow: they hold in their pee. A friend wrote a great response to Kanye’s recent antics – and why she is over him (just don’t read the comments). As a biracial Puerto Rican boi, this story about the first Latinx writers room made my soul sing. This has been a helluva week for politics but was most striking in the dumb, problematic usage of Nazi comparisons. People are still freaking out over Avengers and, appropriately, the cast is trying to rake in charity money from it by creating bad drawings of themselves.

Or something. That was your weekend link.

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