I’m headed out of town this weekend so no idea what’s happening next week.

I should still be posting but stay tuned!

American Pharaoh, a former Kentucky Derby winner, apparently has a lot of sex and gets a lot of cash for it. The ocean is another universe and, wow, are these new creatures wild looking. If you need more evidence of how reading can save your life, look no further than current Kanye. How do you get kids (celebrities) to stop smoking? You ask Anna Wintour to kick them out of places. YG is a rapper but he’s also a unisex style icon. Technology logs a lot of our information but we are left to wonder: do our devices know that we’re gay? The American economy is totally working which is why this husk of a house in Silicon Valley sold for nearly a million. If there was an all female Queer Eye, this dream cast would be amazing. Visiting home can always be ridiculous mostly because moms can be ridiculous.

That was your weekend link.

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