This week was very backhandedly sad.

So. We should put it to bed. And hope that next week wakes up much better!

I hate cars and I hate driving which is why it’s interesting to see that it’s cheaper to go carless in most cities. Managing mental health can be alien so why not try to get super specific with how you feel? For those looking at the new Apple features, here are some things you might actually want to use. Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump are two goons but, in this battle, Kardashian actually loses to Trump. (Speaking of, he’s most accurately the commander of cheese.) I’ve been out of the loop with video games but I can say this: dogs can and should be designed better. Why be a jerk in real life when your obituary will tell your truth? The death of Kate Spade is an unmitigated tragedy and the Fug Girls thoughts truly caught me. Speaking of, if you think someone is suicidal, please ask if they are okay. Congrats, vegans: Google’s emoji salad is now just vegetables. Lastly, please subscribe to Bobby’s cool new newsletter if you haven’t already.

That was your weekend link. Try to find your happiness and, if you cannot, phone a friend. I’m here for you!

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