I intended to write a post today but also: I ended up a little hungover.

Oh well! It happens. You still get this though!

In case you were wondering of the power of organized humans, look no further than victorious Mexican soccer fans tilting seismic receptors. I always want to go to France but, upon seeing the new Beyoncé and Jay-Z video, I really, really want to go to peruse The Lourve. Teens are quite inspiring at the moment – even sassy ones who back talk presidents. If you aren’t upset about the recent family separations, you’re looking at history wrong – and not holding both political sides accountable. Art is so important for healing right now but it’s also vital for fighting back – and Anish Kapoor’s suing the NRA might be a model for resisting. Similarly, art can forecast cultural problems, for better or worse: this sculpture of a naked man sleepwalking did just that. This Pride month seems beset by branded rainbows everywhere which is great if you are a BofA gay.

That was your weekend link. Enjoy!

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