This heat is making me tired. Are you tired?

Because I’ve been tired and I don’t know why that is. My theory is the heat!

I love Roisin Murphy and love that she loves to be loved by gay men. I was only vaguely familiar with the work of Julia Yasuda but she recently passed away and Anohni wrote a beautiful eulogy. The New York Times getting in with Donald Trump is problematic and exactly why the executive editor skipped said meeting. Sometimes I can be a bit blockheaded and, if you want proof of this, I am this boyfriend. Please watch this gay Gain commercial if you have not. I am no cat fan but I am a fan of Grace Coddington’s cat wall. This new Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph show seems cryptically cute. Get ready to cry because the If Beale Street Could Talk trailer is here and it obviously looks great.

Oh well. I’ll sleep all weekend. That was your link!

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