What a week! I feel like I did so much. But it was so fucking hot and, accordingly, I’m fucking tired.

Can we blame it on fucking global warming? Perhaps. Let’s twist this around, if that’s the case: what are you doing to change your lifestyle, to prevent the so-called “hothouse earth” future? I hope you are doing something. I hope you are because the planet – our future – depends on it.

Anyway, here are some links.

Dogs should help us when we are having trouble but the science behind this is not as simple as you’d think. If you’re trying to be healthy but are confused by nutritional labels, you should peruse this handy guide. Political ads seem to be changing as an influx of young people enter this world and, really, that means chiller ads like this guy’s. Ludacris may not be front and center of rap conversations but he is in my heart for buying people groceries. I haven’t been as up on fashion and fashion editorials as much as I’d like to be (Hashtag school.) but this spread on “opulence” looks a lot like classic paintings.

That was your weekend link. California is on fire so, please, consider your hashtag choices.

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