I’m out of town next week.

Will I or won’t I write? I am unsure but I am hoping to be on my computer as little as possible because the following week I go back to school and I will be looking at my computer a lot more.

Subscriptions can be a nuisance but some of these, like Audible, sound quite useful. What if your car told you directions using your own voice? It might teach you something about yourself. We should perhaps indulge more in the sound of silence to make ourselves more whole. You have no idea how excited – and how surprised – I am that Martin Puryear is representing America in next year’s Venice Biennale. Gambling is mostly dumb but these women using misogyny to play poker players is fucking brilliant. Being rude isn’t always great but, sometimes, being rude is a great time. I say it and I say it and I say it: you need to be worried about climate change, particularly since it means our food will disappear, taking with it pleasures like blood marys. Remember the dude who played the original Robocop? Well, he’s an art historian now. Lastly, we lost the Queen of Soul – Aretha Franklin – this week and, while we will remember her for her music, we will also remember her for being the queen of shade.

Anyway, don’t be bummed if there’s nothing new to read, all two people who are reading this. That was your weekend link. Thanks!

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