A three day weekend? Hell yeah.

I got a lot to read in these three days.

This is a potentially unpopular take but I enjoy Ralphs/Krogers supermarkets and am very proud of them because they plan to phase out plastic bags by 2025. Hey, asshats: don’t mess with nature or you will go to jail. Summer is coming to an end and this is the perfect time to peruse Barack Obama’s seasonal reading list. I have never heard of “clown eggs” but I am now obsessed with clown eggs. Put a smile on your face because goats love it when you put a smile on your face. When technology and car ads combine, you end up with hysterical blood on the highway. If you need help sleeping, might I suggest this military meditation exercise. Jetlag can be very obnoxious which is why we should just learn to embrace it.

And I’m going to be wearing a fuck ton of white. That was your weekend link. Great!

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