I am ready for you, weekend. Take me into your arms.

But what should you read before then? A few ideas.

A lot of great, a lot of bad, a lot of drama, and a lot of quiet is coming out of fashion week and I want to take a moment to say the first posthumous Kate Spade show was sweet. The subject of climate change is important so kudos to scientists for taking to Fortnite. Speaking of some LOL within video games, it is probably a good idea not to propose to someone in a game. Cops suck and that may have now made Spiderman suck too. Kid futurism is always fascinating which is why this little news paper report from the 1970s captures a feeling. I love libraries which is why these delicate illustrations of libraries are so fantastic. Science is the key to the future which is why I am very thankful for the space ready champagne bottle. If there were a queer Emmy ceremony, maybe it would look like this.

Thus, your weekend link. Bye!

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