I had a lot going on this week but I think I did some fun posts.

But I’m tired so I didn’t go through with more so, well, here’s your link.

Social media can be magical, specifically Twitter as a result of Twerendipity. Do dogs forget about us if we leave them for too long? Yes and no. We all may have missed this but let’s LOL at a jackass failing at saying the word “anonymous.” With the Kavanaugh confirm being such a mess in relationship to his being a rapist, let’s look at how cartoonists are handling this moment in relationship to cartoons of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. I know you were as scarred as I was by Mark Wahlberg’s workout routine but it’s not as scarring as living his life. I’m no hockey fan but this goofy idiot mascot is tempting me.

Are you enjoying autumn? Hope so!

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