Ah, here we are. Another week, another ending – another beginning.

I feel like I’ve been real tired recently. Not as bad this week! But still tiring. Thus, your weekend link.

I just started reading Sourdough and the author has some great recommendations for books written by women. Halloween means weird drinks but, I will say, this Applebee’s drink sounds awful. Here’s another Halloween something: a Predator costume – but crocheted. If you want weird things in the news (but not necessarily “weird news”), this fake interview with Drew Barrymore should do the trick. How tall are writers? A question you never knew you wanted an answer to. You need a good LOL so enjoy a deer doing the drum solo from Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.”

Lastly, news of the tsunami in Indonesia is breaking me up among so much recent bad news. Share and help if you can.

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