Friday! Can you believe it? I never thought we’d make it!!

This month is flying by, for better or worse, and I wanted to give you your weekend link before an important message.

For anyone who has played a Mario game, squishing a Goomba is extremely satisfying – which is why squishing two hundred of them is delightful. As we approach the spooky date, let’s enjoy some spooky books by women. I am ambivalent regarding all things John Mulaney but I will say that his take on why comedians stop playing colleges is quite interesting. Liam Neeson has a funny story for you: he’s working on a new film with horses and one of the horses remembered him from another movie. Toilet paper isn’t alive but, according to some fitness trackers, it has a heartbeat.

Now, to be a bummer, please spend your weekend and every day thinking about how you can adapt your life to being more climate friendly. Why? Climate genocide is just years away. Sounds great! It’s terrible. Please do what you can, vote, and talk about it more. Be the change!

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