This week got very accidentally busy.

I didn’t mean for it to get crazy! But it did. Happens, happens, happens, as we lie down before Thanksgiving overcomes us. Lots of good happened this week though! And some bad.

If you need a little lifting up, read about this donut shop and the nice people who support it. This was a wild week with elections and all but seems like the climate may thank us soon. One thing we may not want is emojis forecasting elections. Why do Mexican fans love Morrissey? The answer is a bit complicated. In keeping with Kanye West and dumb mysteries this year, Texans are wondering why he was at a Fort Worth art museum for no reason. As we will all be traveling soon, let’s hope we all land in the nicer airports. Life in New York seems really annoying and subway birthday parties make it worse.

Are you tired? I am. I feel like that’s all I’m saying recently. Thus, your weekend link.

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