What a fucking week it has been. I know, I know: I keep saying that.

I say that because school is kind of killing me and not. Oy. Either way! I am going out of town for Thanksgiving and I am not doing any posts.

I’m very excited to see Widows for many reasons, one of them being its very progressive – yet very quiet – depiction of race. Daniel Ashram is a design icon and, unsurprisingly, his favorite things are just as lovely. I love a good cringe YouTube cinema moment and there is apparently a movement around them. Let’s take some time to appreciate – and learn from – Jill Scott’s fantastic lesson in fellatio. Whatever happens deep in the ocean must be fucked up because that’s how the fish look. I love animal art and this visual story on one painter’s paintings of animals is quite splendid. If I were a food, I would be this cake.

So enjoy this little post. And I’ll see you for the final week of November!

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